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Smart Cloud

SmartCloud is a management platform that fulfills all the needs of structures that provide social and health services: nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and clinics, day care, home care, long term care and hospitals. It covers the administrative area, from accounting to invoicing and warehouse management, the human resources area, from planning to payroll management, to the electronic health record.

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Active as of: October 26, 2020
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About CBA Informatica s.r.l.

CBA Informatica is a leading company in the social-health sector since 1975.
It offers IT-based solutions for healthcare and social-care services, encompassing these areas: management and governance, administration and accounting, clinical management and assistance, and HR management.
CBA technologies are modular and natively integrated, to ensure timely information, accessible by easy-to-use and customizable interfaces. Features are especially designeds to reduce any (clinical) risk and to increased the quality of the care services.
CBA devotes profound and careful attention to the person being subject of care - the patient, as well as her family and relatives - and, of course the care professionals
CBA's consultants and technologists support the customer in shaping the best service approach and solution, performing analyses and often providing guidance. CBA is not only a software supplier: We take advantage of our knowledge of all management area, to offer the most suitable solutions in terms of size, complexity, type of service and conforming to regulations.