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Sensai leverages the latest advances in Deep Learning to revolutionise selling, removing the need for sales stages and a predefined process. This “Deal-of-One” approach, uses algorithms to predict, recommend and guide Reps to perform the most impactful actions. The result is a completely tailored sales process unique to every aspect, feature and attribute of the deal, with the single objective of maximising each Rep’s chance of winning every opportunity. Sales Operations and Management benefit too, as this approach accurately predicts the likelihood of deal success; turning sales forecasts from an art into a science, resulting in forecasts which can be totally relied upon!

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About CloudApps

Helping businesses increase sales results by providing sales leaders with deep insight into deal health, giving them the tools to drive every rep to quota and taking forecast accuracy to unprecedented new heights.

Thanks to The CloudApps Sales Effectiveness and Accuracy platform, our customers are increasing win rate by 20%, average deal size by 19% and achieving forecast accuracy of over 95%.

How? By using AI and behavioural science to track & promote the right sales behaviours at the right time.