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Contract Insight

CobbleStone's contract management software increases efficiency and security with a web-enabled solution that helps users:

*Securely store an unlimited amount of contracts
*Conduct custom searching and reporting
*Complete tasks and achieve goals with email and calendar alerts for key dates
*Track financials to control spend
*Increase collaboration and visibility
*Improve contract cycle times with automated workflow and electronic signatures
*Author contracts from pre-approved templates and clauses
*Run advanced reports
*And much more

Contract Insight® by CobbleStone Software is fully configurable, flexible, and provides users with better governance over their contracts in a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate contract management system backed by artificial intelligence to fully optimize your organization’s contracts.

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About CobbleStone Software

CobbleStone provides contract, vendor, and e-procurement management software. Our software is used by hundreds of organizations spanning the globe. Thousands of legal, sales, and procurement professionals use and trust CobbleStone Software for their contract, sales, and procurement needs.