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Listings for Condeco Group Ltd.

Listings for Condeco Group Ltd.

For businesses today, growth at scale depends on total management of the workplace environment. Since 2005, Condeco have shaped global business, helping the world’s largest companies take control of and better manage their meeting and office spaces to increase the productivity of their workforce. Today, our established products lead the industry and can be found, hard at work, in every market around the globe. Combining intuitive workplace software with exceptionally designed hardware, we pioneer next generation solutions that are fully connected and simple to use. Our integrated meeting room booking, desk booking and workspace utilization technologies help organizations adapt their operations quickly, efficiently and at scale. This is because we take the time to understand each business and challenge individually, so our clients have the tools and knowledge to shape a more sustainable and efficient future for their enterprise. Whether by connecting offices around the world, providing insights and data about working patterns, increasing control, adding workspace flexibility or simply minimizing waste, we transform the day-to-day management of their most vital assets. All of which enable over a million users to get the most from their day, and the company to perform better. And, as change continues to accelerate, demanding ever more agility, we keep our eyes on the future, pioneering ground-breaking technology that helps businesses to predict, plan for and profit from tomorrow with increasing future confidence.

Condeco Group

Listed Since: 2021-04-21


A technology-neutral certification leveraging the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 management system standard together with the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix.