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Listings for Datalink

Listings for Datalink

Datalink develops Crisisworks (, a municipal emergency management and compliance system for governments, agencies and utilities. Emergencies, disasters and disruptions can be highly stressful for those with the job to help protect, respond and recover from them. We’re using the power of mobile and internet to make this job easier. We believe that better software will lead to better preparedness and compliance, better execution under pressure and better outcomes, so we’re building the best app for governments, utilities and organisations around the world to help them better deal with emergencies, risks and compliance for their communities. Our aim is to improve the way emergencies are managed, as this will lead to safer and more resilient communities around the world.


Crisisworks is a complete system for managing emergencies, risk and recovery across the full lifecycle on any device. Crisisworks technology powers mission-...

Listed Since: 2021-03-22


Offers an industry-accepted way to document what security controls exist in IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. It provides a set of Yes/No questions a cloud consumer and cloud auditor may wish to ask of a cloud provider to ascertain their compliance to the Cloud Controls Matrix .