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DreamApply is a system built for only one single purpose – to make university admissions process easy and efficient for both students and administrative staff. We have extensive experience in building various application management platforms for colleges, universities, summer schools and national agencies. It is used by more than 200 education institutions in more than 25 countries worldwide. The DreamApply platform was first launched in 2011, and through ongoing improvements it has achieved unparalleled functionality in application management with evolving user centric features being added continuously.

By using the DreamApply platform our clients have managed to increase their application numbers on average by 72%. Streamlined application management processes have resulted in 60% reduced workload for admission staff, making it possible to manage more applications with less staff. The applicant journey is designed to maximise speed, accuracy and responsiveness of the application process, leading to higher enrolments. Optimised processes are achieved by listening to feedback from our clients and adding their best ideas into our development. Tools to measure time, how long students spend on specific statuses before they receive offer, assists managers of university to measure each process step and to act to ensure quick action for the most desirable prospective students.

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About DreamApply OU

Founded in 2011, DreamApply has quickly become the largest student application management platform in Europe. We serve over 200 education institutions across 30 countries with our easy to use secure and friendly SaaS based software.

Institutions using DreamApply report up to 40% reduction in time spent on managing applications while greatly using their student enrollment by using built-in tools to track and measure their marketing efforts. DreamApply is designed for higher education institutions looking to increase their student enrollment while reducing overall workload and easily manage their admission and marketing efforts.