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ichrogene, Inc

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ichrogene is a personal genomics company in South Korea. It provides extensive and accurate analysis services from personal DNA analysis to human-gut microbiome analysis to provide personalized healthcare solution for everyone. ichrogene has built a raw DNA data upload platform, iSearchme. As an analysis service and centralized database, it benefits users and research both. As the database grows, genetic discoveries would be accomplished dramatically faster and more effectively ever than before, then scientific findings will be opening more possibilities towards precision medicines including pharmacogenetics and personalized healthcare.

Type: Certification
Active as of: October 21, 2020
STAR Certification v1

About ichrogene, Inc

ichrogene provides extensive but accurate analysis services from DNA analysis to Human-gut microbiome analysis to offer a personalized healthcare solution for everyone. We are building a secure bio-banking system to develop a world-leading, genome-based healthcare platform.