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DemaPA is the solution supporting Public Administration in dematerialization of documents and administrative processes.

It’s the complete answer to the public administrations need to be equipped with advanced tools supporting it to comply with binding regulatory framework governing dematerialization and transparency processes, integrating all instruments whose use is imposed by technical rules and information / application assets which already Bodies are owner of.

Type: Self Assessment
Active as of: August 04, 2020
Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire v3.1

About IFM s.r.l.

Started in 1987, IFM enters the wide ICT market as a software and services supplier for Public Administration. Though keeping over the years its early vocation, IFM has been time after time diversifying and enhancing its offerings, ranging from turn-key Information Systems to custom software development, from body rental services by highly skilled specialists to consulting services about personal data management and information security, as well as qualified support to organization and normative issues within Public Administration chief domains. IFM's products come from continuous in-depth topics analysis, together with more suitable technological solutions research.

A special attention is focused on e-government topics, as well as control, planning and decision support systems, which IFM has dealed with since 90's, playing a leading-edge role within national IT scenario.

Furthermore, the company's approach toward innovation and technological boundaries results in a valuable collaboration with academic and reserach environment. This partnership has already produced several projects, whose scientific value was widely recognized and can be driven to relevant business outcomes.

IFM has acquired three ISO certifications: Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001) and Information Security (ISO 27001). All these certifications are merged into an Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment and Information Security).