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Cloud Services by Imprivata


Multifactor authentication
Fast, secure authentication for EPCS, remote access, cloud applications, medical devices, and other clinical workflows

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About Imprivata

Imprivata establishes trust across the people, devices, applications, data, and clinical workflows contributing to the delivery of patient care. When this trust is established, providers have the freedom to leverage the technologies and information they need to streamline clinical workflows and deliver efficient, high-quality care in an increasingly decentralized healthcare environment. By offering comprehensive, purpose-built solutions for positive identity, ubiquitous access, and multifactor authentication, Imprivata is able to establish trust across the healthcare delivery network​.

Our solutions are developed with and vetted by clinicians. It’s how we’re able to deliver frictionless interactions across the entire healthcare delivery ecosystem and why providers can focus on patient care, not technology. Working with healthcare, we develop technology that works for healthcare.​