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INERA S.r.l.

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Achille Cloud

Achille Cloud is a software as a service (SaaS) application which allows users to manage medical visits, appointments, health reports and other health information.
As indicated in our CAIQ Inera Srl follows specific safety rules, is ISO 9001 certified, has a business continuity and disaster recovery plan and has a specific backup and reversibility plan.

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Active as of: June 29, 2020
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About INERA S.r.l.

INERA is an SME in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
Software production in various application domains. These include smart city and internet of things.
Cooperative R&D is the company's hallmark, and the key to the business model followed by Tree, assessing the maturity and potential of emerging technologies and identifying key partners to create new business opportunities. Development of web platforms, graphical user interface design, Big Data technologies, Machine Learning techniques, Semantic Technologies, study of the relations between different entities through Graph Analysis, Cognitive Computing, occupy a position of high standing among the company’s research lines. Furthermore, the company has wide experience in the field of ICT with large and unstructured amounts of data, in sectors like banking, security, healthcare, insurance and transport. In addition, the company has a vast expertise in the coordination of European projects.