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Integration Appliance, Inc.

Cloud Services by Integration Appliance, Inc.

Intapp's Cloud Solutions and DealCloud Platform

Intapp cloud services are comprised of the following product offerings:

  • Business Acceptance is a business intake, conflicts and terms management system built to address the specific needs of professional services firms.
  • Flow, a business process and workflow automation service, enables rapid success, with templates specifically designed for common business activities.
  • Experience is a configurable system that automates experience and credential management.
  • Pricing is an automated scoping and pricing tool that uses data science to deliver value-based price propositions.
  • Time8 Cloud Solution provides a time management product that moves beyond the traditional relationship between time and billing to help firms extract greater business value from their time data.

The DealCloud Platform was built explicitly for the capital markets industry. Our solutions and services are built with our clients’ unique goals and initiatives in mind:

  • Deal and Relationship Management enables firms to track every relationship and deal that it participates in through its CRM platform.
  • Fundraising and Investor Relations enables teams to leverage insights from past deals to generate future returns.
  • DataCortex is a data solution that allows dealmakers to manage proprietary and third-party data in one unified platform and empowers them to transform that data into institutional knowledge.

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About Integration Appliance, Inc.

Integration Appliance, Inc. (Intapp) provides the first and only industry cloud for professional and financial services to help firms shift to a modernization strategy and gain a growth edge in today’s competitive marketplace by improving operational efficiency, increasing profitability, and driving client success.

Intapp offers intelligent solutions – purpose built for partner led firms spanning the entire client lifecycle, from strategy through origination and execution. Intapp products allow customers to align business operations with business strategy and are recognized as the most advanced in their respective categories, including new business intake, conflicts, confidentiality management, deal management, experience management, marketing and business development, pricing, workflow automation, data integration, and time recording.

The DealCloud Platform provides a single-source deal, relationship, and fund management platform to capital markets firms. Through its market-defining technology, thousands of professionals are able to achieve better market coverage; grow and maintain relationships; stay compliant and mitigate risk; accomplish better outcomes for clients; increase the likelihood of a closed deal; improve pipeline visibility and forecasting capabilities; streamline and organize business development activities; establish better transparency across team members and stakeholders; and execute on deals more efficiently.