Interzen Consulting S.r.l.

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Interzen Consulting S.r.l.

Cloud Services by Interzen Consulting S.r.l.

ZenShare Suite

ZenShare (Document Management System). It is the ideal solution for companies and organizations, aimed at the management of documents and information through a single, integrated platform.

ZenCRM (Customer Relationship Management). It allows companies to track in detail sales opportunities, leads, and every interaction with customers.

ZenShare Cloud Electronic Invoice. A practical and efficient tool to manage the entire billing cycle in a simple, intuitive and economical way.

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About Interzen Consulting S.r.l.

Founded in Pescara in 1996, Interzen is a consulting services company focused on Document Management and CRM.

With specific experience in the management of corporate “Internet-based” knowledge and customer relationship management technologies, we are focused on our Information Management Suite, ZenShare (CRM, DMS, BPM).

Interzen caters to medium and large companies, operating both nationally and internationally.

It is divided into two business areas:
1. Information Management – Manage data, information and documents in an integrated manner, to improve the efficiency of corporate governance, both in the major business processes and in those in support;
2. Web Engineering- Development of customized innovative technologies solutions for customers, with the aim of optimizing the management of critical business processes through digital tools.

Interzen is a company with quality certification ISO 9001: 2015.