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MBCLOUD Information Tech Co., Ltd.

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About MBCLOUD Information Tech Co., Ltd.

MBCLOUD Information Tech Co., Ltd. is established in February 2016, mainly providing financial cloud services, IT technical consulting, IT manpower outsourcing, integration agent and other enterprise services in IT field, the financial cloud mainly includes: cloud hosting, object Storage, load balancing, domain name and cloud security. MBCloud is originated from China Merchants Bank(CMB), aiming to share the successful experience of 30 years stable operation of its IT system and the mature solution of financial IT to the financial industry and to serve the society. The customers of MBCloud mainly include banks, securities, insurance, third party payment, Internet finance and other financial institutions, as well as other enterprises with high requirements for the quality of cloud computing services. The company has good brand reputation, no bad record or record of litigation. Its financial cloud and the services on it all have high market evaluation.