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Cloud Services by MEDISCOPIO


Mediscopio Cloud Mediscopio is a software as a service (SaaS) application which allows users to manage medical visits, appointments, health reports and other health information.
As indicated in our CAIQ Nike Srl follows specific safety rules, is ISO 9001 certified, has a business continuity and disaster recovery plan and has a specific backup and reversibility plan.

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Active as of: March 11, 2020
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Mediscopio is the health surveillance software produced by Nike Srl, leader in the sector in Italy since 1987 and certified ISO 9001.
Mediscopio, our complete management system, has been sold and developed since 1987, has multiple basic functions and can also be implemented with the part relating to the environment and safety (DVR), such as: carcinogenic substances management, generic/biological accident management, emissions in the atmosphere and many other additional modules, in addition to billing management, web form, quotes form and other useful features for users. With Mediscopio is possible enter the medical examination with the vocal function. Mediscopio can be integrated with electro-medical tools, third-party software such as personnel office and analysis laboratory or with the service of certified signature.
Mediscopio is available in client-server or cloud and Mediscopio is distributed to large companies, freelancers, hospitals and private or public companies.
Mediscopio is present on Youtube and Facebook with all the latest news.