MobillionLabs, Inc.

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MobillionLabs, Inc.

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SmartWinnr helps large distributed teams to sell smarter, better, and faster.

Combining neuro-science, machine learning, and gamification, SmartWinnr helps customers to improve sales productivity by up to 40%, knowledge retention by up to 60% while having a very high engagement level.

We specifically help sales teams boost performance with:

  • Real-time sales competitions, challenges, leaderboards, and gamified KPIs
  • AI-driven automated quizzes and bite-sized regular reinforcements to drive product knowledge
  • Video coaching to ensure the right customer messaging

SmartWinnr is being used by Fortune 500 companies in 25+ countries to drive performance gamification, new product launch and onboarding for large distributed salesforce

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About MobillionLabs, Inc.

MobillionLabs is a leading provider of enterprise software focusing on improving the productivity of distributed teams. Our flagship offering, SmartWinnr, is a SaaS platform to train, coach, motivate and engage sales and customer support teams. Fortune 500 companies in 25+ countries rely on our software and services to track, monitor and improve the performance of their sales and customer support teams.