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OakNorth Platform

The OakNorth Platform assists financial institutions with credit analysis and monitoring solutions – unlocking opportunities for the underserved lower middle market.

The Platform combines a deep understanding of credit, rich data sets (traditional and alternative), cloud-computing, and state of the art machine learning, to provide you with the insight and foresight needed to more holistically & profitably lend to this market segment and provide businesses with a better borrowing experience. Platform provides deep insights through Portfolio Diagnostics and Credit analysis and Monitoring across the credit value chain:
1. Portfolio Diagnostics: a segmentation tool which perform stress testing on the entire loan book at an individual loan level to identify the most vulnerable loans. The tool is highly versatile, requiring only 14 data points per borrower, and can deliver the analysis within 72 hours. This enables you to determine which of your borrowers are most vulnerable and the best course of action to take with that borrower going forward.
2. Credit analysis and Monitoring offers deep and granular credit analysis, financial modelling, deal tuning driven by domain models, external data and ML tools to enable bespoke credit decision along with real time proactive monitoring of individual loans and portfolio to deliver better credit outcomes through early warning alerts. We bring external data insights to supplement borrower insights which is unique to our offering.

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About OakNorth

OakNorth is redefining lending to lower mid-market businesses globally.

We provide data and technology-driven solutions to borrowers and lenders through the OakNorth Platform – enabling faster and smarter decision making across the loan lifecycle.