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Data Governance Cloud

For large organizations that leverage Salesforce as a mission-critical application, Odaseva delivers Enterprise Salesforce Data Governance, Data Protection, Data Compliance and Data Operations.

Odaseva provides Data Protection and Availability for enterprise Saleforce environments so that organizations can backup and recover data, be highly available, leverage high performance archiving and benefit from advanced and predictive monitoring of their data assets.

We also deliver a platform for Data Compliance and Data Privacy for Salesforce to meet the requirements of regulations such as GDPR, industry (SOX, HIPAA) and many other national and transnational regulations, as well as any compliance-related data retention and archiving. The platform allows organizations to:
- reduce financial, regulatory and reputational risk,
- ensure performance at scale,
- support business SLAs,
- reduce data loss impacts.

Odaseva is the Salesforce data platform of excellence: a unified and extensible platform. It was engineered for Salesforce by Salesforce experts and is endorsed by Salesforce Ventures.It was designed from the ground up for the enterprise to meet the most stringent requirements of security, privacy, scale, performance, completeness and flexibility and comes white glove support.

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About Odaseva


was born with the idea to provide enterprises running business critical applications in the cloud with a powerful, reliable, and complete data governance solution to complement their cloud applications providers, and remain in control of their data.

Today Odaseva is a full suite of Data Governance Apps built for enterprises running business critical applications in the cloud to remain in control of their data.