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Roche Diagnostics Italy

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DiaStock is the innovative cloud-based warehouse
management system (WMS) distributed by Roche to bring 360-degree operational efficiency to your lab’s warehouse, specifically developed to meet the demands of the most complex medical hubs. The cloud-based DiaStock platform allows for: the configuration of multiple warehouses and setup of rules to manage warehouse-specific article lists and storage records, the coding and identification of solutions for diagnostics from different providers with multiple barcode formats, the automation of all receiving, unloading and inventory processes through a mobile barcode scanning functionality, access to real-time track-and-trace records and the automation of reorders to guarantee storage continuity, the full visibility on storage and movements thanks to reports, user-specific email notifications and alerts.

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About Roche Diagnostics Italy

Roche is the largest biotechnology company in the world, strongly research-oriented and with a pioneering vision in the health field thanks to its ability to combine diagnostic and pharmaceutical excellence. Founded in Basel in 1896 by Fritz Hoffmann and Adele La Roche, the Italian branch is among the first to be opened the following year in Milan. Roche Diagnostics Italy is a leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics and in cancer diagnostics on tissues with a wide range of high-tech products and dedicated services. Lately, Roche Diagnostics Italy has enlarged its portfolio to include Digital Solutions.