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Cloud Services by SOPHiA GENETICS

SOPHiA DDM, SaaS platform for genomics analysis

SOPHiA DDM is the platform of choice for clinicians performing routine diagnostic testing. It integrates features facilitating variants visualization and interpretation while assuring protection of clinical genomic data. This platform reduces the complexity of determining the pathogenicity of genomic variants analyzed by SOPHiA AI. It helps hospitals better and faster diagnose patients in the five following areas: Oncology, Metabolism, Pediatrics, Cardiology and Hereditary cancers. Besides the sequence data analysis, including alignment up to annotated facilitated variants, SOPHiA DDM® comes with many other important functionalities for diagnosing your patients. From multiple panels of selected genes, genomes or exomes from sequenced patient DNA, up to variant report.

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SOPHiA GENETICS, founded in 2011, is a health tech company democratizing Data-Driven Medicine to improve health outcomes and economics worldwide. By unlocking the power of new-generation health data for cancer and rare diseases management, the SOPHiA universal Platform allows clinical researchers to act with precision and confidence. The company’s innovative approach helps encourage the sharing of knowledge through an ever-expanding partner network of nearly 1’000 institutions, creating the world’s first collective intelligence for healthcare. SOPHiA GENETIC is on a mission to bring tech recipes to the healthcare industry for a more sustainable healthcare system. SOPHiA AI leverages statistical inference, pattern recognition and machine learning to maximize the value of genomics and radiomics data. Our deep experience in life science technologies and exposure to millions of diverse and complex data sets make SOPHiA a truly unique AI. SOPHiA’s exceptional ability to solve complex problems is outstanding for pinpointing the signal in the noise and characterising the actionable findings to empower decision making. SOPHiA is built using techniques such as statistical inference, pattern recognition and machine learning to maximize the performance of genomics and radiomics data analysis. Used today by almost 1000 healthcare institutions, SOPHiA has already analyzed half a million genomic profiles to date. SOPHiA offers solutions in field of Genomics, Radiomic and Clinical Trials.