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Easy is an open-source application for managing all administrative and financial processes relative to any Public or Private Entity, Consortium, University, AFAM Entity, School etc.

It allows to manage the following in a single integrated application:

  • Constrained Budget (Budget autorizzatorio) for each Entity and/or each branch
  • Economic and Patrimonial accounting for each Entity and/or each branch
  • Analytical accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Digital billing (Fatturazione Elettronica), both active and passive, and alternative storage for documents (Conservazione Sostitutiva)
  • Proceedings needed for Transparency goal (ANAC, PERLAPA, Publication on official website, PCC Communication, etc..)
  • Fiscal proceedings (Witholding Taxes payments, VAT payments, F24EP, CU, 770, etc.)
  • PagoPa
  • Warehouse management.

You can find futher information on www.temposrl.com/easy/

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Active as of: October 06, 2020
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