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The Cloud Perception-Reality Gap Lives On in CSA Survey

Blog Published: 09/22/2014

by Krishna Narayanaswamy, Netskope Chief ScientistI thought we had moved beyond the cloud app perception-reality gap.Shadow IT has been a topic of much conversation in the media, at conferences, and among our customer and partner communities for the past several years. Gartner highlighted the iss...

Cloud Security Alliance Announces Annual Ron Knode Service Award Recipients

Press Release Published: 09/19/2014

Contributions from Six Dedicated Individual CSA Volunteers Recognized in Honor of the Late CSA Member and Volunteer Contributor Ron Knode San Jose, CA – CSA CONGRESS 2014 - September 19, 2014 –The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) today announced the recipients of its third annual Ron Knode Service...

Call for Volunteers: Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing/Guidance v4

Blog Published: 09/19/2014

By J.R. Santos, CSA Global Research DirectorToday at our annual CSA Congress in San Jose, we are announcing a formal recruitment effort for volunteers to help develop the next Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing Guidance, version 4.This is among the most important guidance documents the CS...

CSA Hackathon On! Launches Today at CSA Congress 2014

Blog Published: 09/18/2014

Today at 9 am PT, we officially kicked off our second Hackathon, where we are inviting the most determined of hackers to break CSA’s Software Defined Perimeter.As background, the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) is a new security concept being standardized by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). SD...

Cloud Security Alliance Releases New Big Data Taxonomy Report

Press Release Published: 09/18/2014

Big Data Working Group Issues Comprehensive Report to Aid Understanding and Decision Making in Big Data Technology San Jose, CA – September 18, 2014 – CSA Congress 2014 - The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Big Data Working Group today released the Big Data Taxonomy Report, a new guidance report ...

Financial Survey Now Open: How Cloud Is Being Used in Financial Sector

Blog Published: 09/18/2014

By J.R. Santos, Global Research Director Today at CSA Congress 2014 here in San Jose, we are announcing the opening of an important survey we hope that you will take part in. The ‘How Cloud is Being Used in the Financial Sector’ survey aims to accelerate the adoption of secure cloud services in ...

Cloud Security Alliance Survey Finds IT Professionals Underestimating How Many Cloud Apps Exist in the Business Environment

Press Release Published: 09/18/2014

San Jose, CA – September 19, 2014 – CSA Congress 2014 – In what could be called a tale of perception versus reality, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) today released the results of a new survey that found a significant difference between the number of cloud-based applications IT and security prof...

Data Breaches and the Multiplier Effect of Cloud Services

Blog Published: 09/17/2014

By Eduard Meelhuysen, Managing Director, EMEA, NetskopeWe have had a number of conversations lately with our customers and partners about cloud security, with a particular focus on data protection in light of a growing number of data breaches. Against a backdrop of the iCloud hack and data breach...

Call for Volunteers:  Antibot Working Group Seeks Experts to Help Develop Botnet Essential Practices Guide for Cloud Providers

Blog Published: 09/17/2014

By J.R. Santos, Global Research DirectorToday at the CSA Congress 2014, we have announced a call for volunteers to help create the first CSA Botnet Essential Practices Guide for Cloud Providers. Botnets have long been a favored attack mechanism of malicious actors, with server-based bot activity ...

Learning to Love Your Security Audit

Blog Published: 09/16/2014

By Mike Pav, VP of Engineering, SpanningMost folks treat a security or compliance audit like a visit from the storm troopers: a big uncomfortable disruption to your daily life (if a visit from the Empire can indeed be considered “uncomfortable”). But it does not need to feel that way.At Spanning,...

Gartner Predicts Rise of the Digital Risk Officer

Blog Published: 09/15/2014

By Michael Piramoon, Director of Analyst Relations, AccellionThe number of devices connected to enterprise networks is skyrocketing. One reason is mobile computing. Mobile workers in the US now carry on average 3 mobile devices, according to a recent survey by Sophos. Fifteen years ago, each of t...

The Lesson from Shadow IT? Workers Want Easy-to-Use Services for Getting Work Done

Blog Published: 09/09/2014

By Hormazd Romer, Senior Director of Product Marketing, AccellionThe phrase “Shadow IT” refers to products and services used by employees without the knowledge or approval of the IT department.Shadow IT is everywhere: it can be found in just about any department of any organization. When Frost &a...

Cloud Security Alliance Congress 2014 – What’s in it for YOU?

Blog Published: 09/09/2014

Many people ask me, why should I attend the CSA Congress 2014 conference over others that seem to monopolize the month of September? This is of course a question asked by those who have never attended a CSA Congress before.Those who attended last year’s event made a point of sharing with me, and...

Dyre need to secure what matters

Blog Published: 09/08/2014

By Rajneesh Chopra, VP of Product Management, NetskopeWith the iCloud hack in the backdrop raising issues around authentication, another problem has come to the fore - this one affecting Salesforce and going by the name Dyre (alternatively Dyreza). More details are available here -

In-house Counsel Should Take BYOD Risks Seriously

Blog Published: 09/03/2014

By Nina Seth, Senior Product Marketing Manager, AccellionIn many organizations, decisions about mobile technology are made primarily or exclusively by the IT and IT security departments working together.All too often, there’s one department that’s left out of these discussions: the organization’...

Hackathon On! Cloud Security Alliance Challenges Hackers to Break its Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) at CSA Congress 2014

Press Release Published: 08/27/2014

Successful Breach of SDP Protected Public Cloud Will Earn a Prize of $10,000 San Jose, CA – August 27, 2014 - The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a not-for-profit organization which promotes the use of best practices for providing security assurance within cloud computing, today announced i...

Cloud Security Alliance Sets Research Agenda for Upcoming CSA Congress 2014

Press Release Published: 08/15/2014

New Research from Antibot and Big Data Working Groups along with New Surveys to be Featured at this Year’s Event San Jose, CA – August 15, 2014 - The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) today revealed new research, surveys and volunteer opportunities to be announced during the course of its upcoming C...

SOC 2 Examinations: Prepare for Success

Blog Published: 08/15/2014

By Stephen Halbrook, Manager, BrightLineIs your organization ready for a SOC 2 examination? Here are five steps to help successfully prepare for one: Validate the nature of the request. Does your client base understand the various SOC reporting options and what they are asking of your organizat...

CSA Congress Pre-Conference Working Group Session

Press Release Published: 08/13/2014

CSA is excited to host the first combined CSA Congress and IAPP Privacy Academy in San Jose on Sept. 15-19th. We are reaching out to CSA members to find out who will be attending so that we could potentially host working group sessions on Tuesday the 16th before the main conference. Please add...


Blog Published: 08/04/2014

By Brandon Cook, Director of Product Marketing, Skyhigh NetworksCIOs, CISOs, analysts, journalists, and employees alike are always curious about which cloud services are…like…the most popular and frequently used in the enterprise. This type of information is useful in that it indicates employee d...

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