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CCM Translation in 10 Languages
CCM Translation in 10 Languages

CCM Translation in 10 Languages

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) would like to invite you to review and comment on the translated version of the Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) v3.0.1. CSA in the context of an agreement with OneTrust has proceeded towards the translation of the CCM in 10 languages in order to facilitate its easier adoption by organizations at the corresponding countries. Provided translations are in the following languages: · Spanish (ES) · German (DE) · French (FR) · Italian (IT) · Japanese (JA) · Danish (DA) · Dutch (NL) · Portuguese (PT) · Romanian (RO) · Swedish (SV) To provide your comments (right click on cell + add comment). The objective of the review is to make sure that the terminology and semantics of controls’ specifications within the aforementioned tools are maintained per each provided translation set of languages.

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Open Until: 12/01/2019