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Enterprise Authority To Operate (EATO) Controls Framework
Enterprise Authority To Operate (EATO) Controls Framework

Enterprise Authority To Operate (EATO) Controls Framework

Open Until: 05/12/2024

The Enterprise Authority To Operate (EATO) working group is opening their Controls Framework for open peer review.

Background: Why?

  • The CSA Enterprise Authority to Operate (EATO) Working Group has identified gaps in the understanding and implementation of information security and data protection controls by small—to mid-sized cloud-based XaaS, particularly when processing sensitive data of highly regulated industries, inhibiting market adoption of such services.
  • For consuming Corporate Customers who have to abide by multiple and tight regulations, such Cloud-based XaaS cannot be adopted "out of the box" but has to be assessed individually (i.e., by each potential customer) using heavy-weight Risk and Cloud Control Assessments.
  • These assessments result in many findings regarding control deficiencies. The findings lead to complex remediation requirements for the vendor and their services.
  • Overall, this is a significant and redundant cost with multiple and potentially also overlapping or even conflicting effort-intensive assessments and remediation processes, both to the vendor and to several potential Corporate Customers.

Objectives: What?

  • EATO targets identifying and remediating risks resulting from control failures inherent in XaaS products with underlying cloud-based infrastructure or platforms.
  • The controls assessed relate to information security and privacy, Business Continuity, Data Retention, Archiving, and vendor/service provider controls and risks.
  • Establish an industry-standard controls and assessment framework for XaaS catering to customer firms in highly regulated industries.
  • Controls are based on CCMv4, but they are tailored:
  • Core controls have been sharpened to apply stricter and more detailed information security compliance requirements and evidencing scrutiny, catering to the needs of highly regulated corporate customers.
  • Some controls have been added compared to CCMv4 where necessary for highly regulated corporate customers.
  • Other controls have been combined/collapsed to reduce the assessment's load on the XaaS providers and focus on compliance with Core Controls.
  • A small number of controls existing in CCMv4 have been dropped, again to focus on compliance with Core Controls.
  • Establish a global, trusted independent assessment service for small and mid-sized Cloud-based XaaS providers against the industry standard enhanced controls framework. 
  • Establish a trusted and independently certified remediation consultancy service that enables XaaS Providers to change the design of their services and implement security by design.

Approach: How?

  • Provide a trusted certification to subscribing firms enabling to reduce cost and risk.
  • Improvement of information security by design across XaaS Providers: 
  • By incentivizing to conduct an assessment, and only one instead of many 
  • Reducing cost for XaaS Providers for the assessment 
  • Focusing efforts on remediation against one central / combined set of findings instead of many disparate and potentially conflicting requirements 
  • Efficiency gains for Subscribing Firms as there is only one central assessment instead of one each per firm wanting to use the XaaS Providers’ services 
  • Reduction of cost and effort for Subscribing Firms using a shared trusted assessment 
  • Globally accepted and trusted Certificate that also covers effective remediation performed and validated.

Peer review period has ended.