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Microservices Architecture Pattern
Microservices Architecture Pattern

Microservices Architecture Pattern

This document serves to propose a repeatable approach to architecting, developing and deploying Microservices as a “MAP” (Microservices Architecture Pattern). The proposed MAP contains all the information necessary for a microservice to operate independently and communicate with other microservices which, in aggregate, become capabilities which, in turn, become the components of an application. This paper describes the key elements of the MAP, how they should be designed and deployed, shifting security & compliance left via a continuous compliance-as-code approach. 

The primary goal of this work effort is to develop a vendor neutral reference architecture foundation that decomposes into software architecture patterns represented in Software and Platform (Enterprise) Planes, and then can be built back up with the addition of security control overlays. This can be demonstrated by the successful decomposition and recomposition of microservice architecture patterns where the integral action is the overlay of security controls. 

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