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Six Pillars of DevSecOps
Six Pillars of DevSecOps

Six Pillars of DevSecOps

Release Date: 08/07/2019

Working Group: DevSecOps

In our current state of cyber security, there has been a large growth of application flaws that bypass the continuing addition of security frameworks to ensure overall health of a project life cycle. Reducing the complexity during development cycles as well as being given the resources to build a trusted environment are key to future success. This is where DevSecOps takes shape. DevSecOps is the integration of continuous security principles, processes, and technology into DevOps culture, practices, and workflows. The Six Pillars of DevSecOps sets forth to introduce concepts that can be utilized and help companies grow with. With use cases to follow by, this paper allows industry professionals to take the concepts and apply them to their own environments.

This publication is part of an entire series on the Six Pillars of DevSecOps. You can find all the papers in the series that have been released so far here.

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