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A North Star for the Industry: CSA Research Summit at RSA 2022

A North Star for the Industry: CSA Research Summit at RSA 2022

Blog Article Published: 12/01/2021

Written by Jim Reavis, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, CSA.

The RSA Conference will always have a special place in the history of the Cloud Security Alliance, as it does with many cybersecurity ventures. CSA was launched at the RSA Conference in 2009 with the first version of our best practices document. We followed that up with our first CSA Summit at RSA in 2010, we welcomed the White House in 2011 to present the U.S. federal cloud strategy and have had an unbroken string of annual summits ever since, albeit a virtual event in 2021.

What is special about the RSA Conference and the CSA Summit we hold within its confines? RSA is our industry's public square. It is the marketplace of products, the meeting place for an exchange of ideas and the high school reunion for long time colleagues. Cybersecurity has grown from a small group of experts and iconoclasts to an incredibly important industry safeguarding our livelihoods, and RSA has been there from nearly the beginning.

CSA is very pleased to be back in person for RSA Conference 2022. We understand that the world is at a different place and there are differing viewpoints about big conferences. We know some companies are still undecided about their participation. However, the global demand for cybersecurity solutions far exceeds even the demand levels from when the pandemic began and we think that bodes well for the event’s prospects and benefits, for those who choose to attend.

CSA has decided to lean in to the difference that this return to in- person events brings us and we are taking a special DIY approach to the conference. We are pleased to deliver the CSA Research Summit on February 7, 2022. Our event is being developed and delivered by our own research team, with the sessions coming from our own prolific working groups. The program will not be glitzy, but will be informal, educational and deliver key insights on Zero Trust, DevSecOps, Threat Research, Cloud Controls Matrix and much more. We hope to provide a bit of an "old school" feel to the knowledge we provide from the experts that are building the future. As cloud provides the foundation for the future of cybersecurity, we believe our event within an event will provide an important "north star" for the industry and your cybersecurity strategy. We hope to see you there.

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