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SDP and Zero Trust

This group is working to validate and protect the devices and connections on a network. The topics of group discourse are benefits, architectural references, and implementation of the SDP protocol.
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Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) and Zero Trust
Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) and Zero Trust


SDP and Zero Trust
Working Group Overview
This group works to validate and protect the devices and connections on a network. The topics of group discourse are benefits, architectural references, and implementation of a zero trust architecture. In particular we will use the SDP protocol as a reference to obtain zero trust.

What do we discuss? 
During our meetings we typically discuss changes in the industry and collaborate on projects the group is currently working on. We welcome anyone who would like to join, even if you would like to just listen-in on any calls.

Drafts & Important Docs

Working Group Leadership

Jason Garbis Headshot
Jason Garbis

Jason Garbis

Chief Product Officer of Appgate, Inc.

Jason Garbis is Chief Product Officer for Appgate, responsible for the company’s security product strategy and product management, and co-chair of the SDP Zero Trust Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance, where he helps lead research and publication initiatives. He has over 30 years of product management, engineering and consulting experience at security and technology firms, including RSA, where he focused on identity management and...

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Junaid Islam Headshot
Junaid Islam

Junaid Islam

Founder and CTO of Vidder

Junaid Islam is the CTO and founder of Vidder which provides distributed access control solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Prior to founding Vidder, Junaid founded Bivio Networks which developed the first Gigabit speed software based securityin the industry. Earlier in his career Junaid helped create networking standards such as Frame Relay, ATM and MPLS while at StrataCom and Cisco.

In addition to his work in th...

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Bob Flores Headshot
Bob Flores

Bob Flores

Bob Flores is a co-founder and partner of Cognitio. Prior to this, Bob spent 31 years at the Central Intelligence Agency. While at CIA, Bob held various positions in the Directorate of Intelligence, Directorate of Support, and the National Clandestine Service. Toward the end of his career at the CIA, Bob spent three years as the CIA’s Chief Technology Officer where he wa...

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Who can join?

Anyone can join a working group, whether you have years of experience or want to just participate as a fly on the wall.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment for this group varies depending on the project. You can spend a 15 minutes helping review a publication that's nearly finished or help author a publication from start to finish.

Virtual Meetings

Attend our next meeting. You can just listen in to decide if this group is a good for you or you can choose to actively participate. During these calls we discuss current projects, and well as share ideas for new projects. This is a good way to meet the other members of the group. You can view all research meetings here.

Open Peer Reviews

Peer reviews allow security professionals from around the world to provide feedback on CSA research before it is published.

Learn how to participate in a peer review here.

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