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Looking for an Entry-Level Cloud Security Certificate? Earn the CCSK

Looking for an Entry-Level Cloud Security Certificate? Earn the CCSK

Blog Article Published: 03/12/2022

Written by Nicole Krenz, Web Marketing Specialist, CSA.

Regardless of where you are on your cloud journey, the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) can help you get there. This certificate is not just for technical professionals, and even the study materials alone prove to be helpful to non-technical and entry-level staff trying to gain a baseline of knowledge that addresses the most common cloud security concerns.

In this blog, explore why the CCSK and attaining a standard of expertise for cloud security is beneficial to everyone in the organization.

The Importance of the CCSK

The CCSK creates a standard of awareness pertaining to the most crucial cloud security matters. Due to today’s threat landscape, everyone should have a general understanding of how to ensure that data and applications remain secure in the cloud. With the CCSK, employees and staff members will have knowledge on security issues and how to prevent unauthorized access before it’s too late. This can, additionally, allow sales teams to have a very focused conversation on the cloud itself and gain customers’ trust and time.

The CCSK is unique in that it provides a structured education with no prerequisites or experience required, while also being the most specialized certificate program when it comes to creating a baseline of knowledge about cloud security.

Who Should Earn the CCSK

Everyone in an organization is responsible for cybersecurity. One misstep from an individual employee can lead to a breach or attack that affects the credibility and security of the entire organization. Non-cybersecurity staff members will be the most susceptible to cybersecurity malpractice and malicious attacks such as phishing, so their training should not be overlooked. Ask yourself, “Does this employee interact with the organization’s cloud services?” If they do, they need to know how not to misuse those services.


The CCSK is uniquely valuable to sales teams or anyone else who needs to communicate cybersecurity values to clients or stakeholders. CISOs are notoriously busy and expect the sales personnel they interact with to have a certain level of knowledge around the challenges and issues they face in the cloud. Earning the CCSK can allow sales teams to have a very focused conversation on the cloud itself and gain customers’ trust and time. This ensures that you are building relationships that will last with your customers, since they can trust that your team puts time and effort into understanding their needs and concerns.

Students and Professionals Transitioning to Cloud Security

Students will find the CCSK valuable because it doesn’t have any prerequisite time or experience required. This lets them build their skills in the cloud and validates that knowledge without needing to acquire five years of work experience first, which is unrealistic for new graduates or people transitioning into the cloud. Certificates allow individuals to bridge the skills gap quicker and therefore introduce more people into cybersecurity from other fields.

A Structured Cloud Security Education

The CCSK is designed to provide a well-rounded view of cloud security. Non-technical and entry-level professionals will find special value in the CCSK Foundation course. There are no prerequisites to the course, as it begins with fundamentals, then increases in complexity as it goes through the 16 domains of the CSA Security Guidance in 6 learning modules. The course is similar to a “survey course” in introductory classes in university, providing a broad overview of the cloud.

Study options to accommodate busy schedules include:

  • Self-study. Download our free prep-kit for the CCSK exam.
  • Self-paced online training. Complete the CCSK training modules on-the-go, without any deadlines at a pace that’s right for you. Preview the course for free here.
  • Online instructor-led training. Learn remotely while still being able to ask questions and interact with your instructor. Find upcoming classes here.
  • In-person training. Interact with an instructor face-to-face, ask questions, and learn in a traditional classroom setting. Find upcoming in-person classes here. Also check out CSA’s in-person SECtember event, which will include CCSK Foundation Training on the first day.

Earn Recognition for Your Certificate

When undertaking an education program, having proof of validation of taking the exam is important, especially for those who need evidence of their baseline cloud security knowledge. This is why the CCSK offers a digital badge after exam completion.

In partnership with Credly, we provide digital badges to holders of the CCSK v3 and v4. A digital badge is a web-enabled version of your credential that is shareable online. Your unique URL can be used in email signatures, personal websites, social media sites, and electronic resume copies. Colleagues, recruiters and employers will be able to quickly verify your competencies and skills.

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