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Certify your Skills with a CSA Digital Badge

Gain industry recognition, boost your career, and showcase your expertise to the world.
Digital Badges

Set Yourself Apart

In today’s competitive landscape, differentiating yourself is crucial. Digital badges offer a clear advantage by validating your expertise and providing industry recognition. Include them in your email signature, personal websites, and social media profiles like LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also attach them to electronic copies of your resume. Digital badges will serve as a digital representation of your knowledge, skills, and credential achievements.

CSA’s Digital Badges are your key to advancing your career, building credibility, and demonstrating your commitment to excellence in cloud security. Join the rank of professionals in the industry and showcase your skills.

Available Badges

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

The CCSK is recognized as the standard of expertise for cloud security that delivers a cohesive and vendor-neutral understanding of how to secure data in the cloud. The CCSK credential is the foundation to prepare you to earn additional cloud credentials specific to certain vendors or job functions.
Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge
Provided through ISACA

The CCAK is the industry's first IT auditing certificate. Combining CSA's cloud and ISACA's audit expertise, gain a credential that demonstrates your cloud IT auditing skill.
Certificate of Competence in Zero Trust

Launched in 2023, the CCZT is the industry's first Zero Trust training and certificate. With the CCZT, learning to establish a Zero Trust approach is becoming a requirement for organizations and professionals.
Zero Trust Training and CCZT Contributor

This badge is available to those who volunteered their time and expertise to develop the Zero Trust Trainings and the CCZT.

How to Claim your Digital Badge

Select an option below to view the steps to claim your badge:

How to claim your CCSK or CCZT badge:

  1. Log in

    To claim your CCSK or CCZT digital badge, log in to the CSA Exams platform using the email associated with your respective exam. In the menu under "Exams", click on “Exam Results”.

  2. View Exam Results

    If you have already claimed your badge, it should say "View badge" to the right of the passed exam attempt. If you have not yet claimed your badge, click on "Claim badge" next to your passed exam attempt.

  3. Opt In

    You will be asked to opt-in. To receive your badge, you must grant permission to CSA to pass your certification details to Credly.

  4. View your badge!

    If you do not have a Credly account already, set one up using the link sent to your email.

Go to CSA Exams
For CCAK digital badge information, visit ISACA .

Frequently Asked Questions

How do digital badges benefit me?

Digital badges keep your credentials up-to-date online and offer a simple and quick way for employers, prospects, and recruiters to do a one-click verification of your certification and skills. Digital badges will help increase awareness of your achievements and differentiate you from other industry professionals.
How do I share my digital badge?

If you have not already, you must claim your badge beforehand. After doing so, log in to Credly, click on "View Profile", choose your badge, and click "View full details" to find the link to share.
I am a certificate holder of an older version of CCSK (before v.3). Am I eligible to obtain the digital badge?

Digital badges are only available to CCSK v.3 and v.4 holders. For holders of older CCSK versions, we have special upgrade pricing of $75 for those who wish to take the exam to obtain CCSK v.4. This upgrade offering is available within your CCSK account once you have passed any version of the CCSK exam. The discount is automatically applied at checkout when you go to purchase the exam token for the latest CCSK version as long as you are logged into the account you used to pass the exam.
How can I get help if I am having an issue regarding digital badges?

For issues with the CSA Exams platform or for questions related to certification status, please contact us at [email protected].
For other issues related to the Credly website, contact Credly support.