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Securing Cloud Infrastructure: Cloud Security Training Bundle

Securing Cloud Infrastructure: Cloud Security Training Bundle

Blog Article Published: 12/27/2023

Written by Noelle Sheck, Communications Coordinator, CSA.

Whether you're a seasoned IT professional or just embarking on your cloud journey, continuous education is the key to staying on top of the latest security advancements. CSA’s Cloud Infrastructure Security Training Bundle serves as a reliable guide in your cloud security journey. Instead of bombarding you with jargon, it offers a structured learning path of 13 courses, moving from foundational concepts to more advanced topics. As we become increasingly reliant on cloud infrastructure, understanding its security implications is non-negotiable. If you're looking to broaden your knowledge in this domain, this bundle could be the resource you've been searching for.

Why consider the CIS Training Bundle?

Depth and Breadth: This training bundle offers 13 distinct courses, each addressing different facets of cloud security. It ensures you gain a holistic perspective and depth of knowledge on the subject.

Flexibility in Learning: Recognizing that we all learn differently, the courses are designed to be self-paced. You can take your time with each module, ensuring genuine comprehension. Each course is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours long, making it easy to fit it into your daily schedule.

Value Proposition: Instead of investing in multiple standalone courses, this bundle offers a consolidated knowledge package, ensuring you get comprehensive insights without breaking the bank. Available for purchase on the CSA Knowledge Center, this bundle is $795 and offers the most bang for your buck.

Improve your Skills: According to a NIST report, there are currently 663,434 cybersecurity job openings and a 3.4 million global shortage of cybersecurity professionals. The CIS Training Bundle allows you to hone your skills and gives you a leg up in the competition.

Here’s what’s inside:

Top Threats

This course introduces learners to the prominent threats in cloud computing, offering insights into cloud vulnerabilities and risk mitigation strategies.

Cloud Key Management

These sequential courses delve into the world of cloud key management. From its historical roots to its evolution and the modern-day intricacies, it covers it all.

Cloud Key Management Foundations I: Learn the history, definitions, components, key features, main technologies, and service patterns of cloud key management, as well as considerations for key management system selection and planning.

Cloud Key Management Foundations II: Learn the main technical, operational, regulatory, legal, and financial considerations for cloud KMS deployments, as well as best practices for using programmatic library interfaces and practical API management.

Microservices & Containers

This set of courses introduces you to the history and evolution of microservices and containers, highlighting the security challenges and best practices for secure development.

Microservices & Containers Fundamentals I: Learn the history, evolution, and underlying technologies of microservices and containers, key adjacent architectures, and security challenges and mitigation strategies for deploying applications in containers.

Microservices & Containers Fundamentals II: Learn the guidelines and practices for secure microservices development and governance, mechanisms for maintaining situational awareness, and container incident management.

Container Lifecycle Management & Assurance: This course covers the entire lifecycle of container management, focusing on Linux application stack security assurance measures.

Container Architecture Risks & Mitigations: Understand common risks in container technologies and learn about various mitigation measures.


This set of courses offers a deep dive into the world of DevSecOps, utilizing CSA’s Six Pillars of DevSecOps research publications. From understanding its core principles to bridging the gap between compliance and development, automation, and the pragmatic implementation of security in software development—it’s all there.

DevSecOps: Collective Responsibility: An introduction to the core concepts and pillars of DevSecOps, emphasizing the significance of leadership support and a culture of collective responsibility.

DevSecOps: Bridging Compliance & Development: Address the balance between compliance and development, introducing strategies for embedding and automating security controls.

DevSecOps: Automation: Learn the art of automating security within DevSecOps processes, emphasizing timely vulnerability identification and mitigation.

DevSecOps: Pragmatic Implementation Parts 1 & 2: An in-depth look into embedding security within the software development lifecycle, focusing on proactive security measures.

Intro to ZTA

Dive deep into the world of Zero Trust, understanding its relevance, foundational components, objectives, and practical application scenarios.

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The Cloud Infrastructure Security Training Bundle is more than just a compilation of courses. It's a roadmap to mastering cloud security, a domain growing exponentially in importance. By offering a holistic view of security—from understanding threats to implementing advanced strategies—it equips learners to be at the forefront of cloud security. As cloud adoption continues its upward trajectory, this training bundle ensures you're not only keeping pace but leading the way. Invest in knowledge; safeguard the future of the cloud.