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A New Era of Data Protection: CSA’s Strategic Partnership with the EU Cloud CoC for GDPR Compliance

A New Era of Data Protection: CSA’s Strategic Partnership with the EU Cloud CoC for GDPR Compliance

Blog Article Published: 02/29/2024

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In an era where data protection has become a vital concern for cloud service providers (CSPs) and their clients, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has partnered with the EU Cloud Code of Conduct (EU Cloud CoC) to disseminate privacy standards across the cloud sector. This initiative offers a seamless GDPR compliance solution that's recognized and approved by European authorities.

A Transition to Enhanced Compliance

The discontinuation of the CSA GDPR Code of Conduct (CoC) marks a pivot towards the EU Cloud CoC, which reflects CSA's commitment to enhancing the highest data protection standards. The EU Cloud CoC is an endorsed solution by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), offering CSPs a clear path to GDPR compliance without the complexities and uncertainties that often accompany compliance processes.

Who stands to benefit?

For CSA Corporate or STAR Registry members, this collaboration opens the door to a range of benefits. It offers a streamlined, cost-effective process for declaring compliance under the EU Cloud CoC, via a dedicated and leaner framework. This approach simplifies the compliance journey and provides a financial advantage through discounted rates on standard CoC adherence costs.

How to obtain the EU Cloud CoC Compliance Mark?

For CSA members interested in obtaining the EU Cloud CoC Compliance Mark, interested parties must undergo an assessment by the Code's accredited Monitoring Body, SCOPE Europe, through a service-based Declaration of Adherence submitted via the EU Cloud CoC platform. This ensures that compliance is not just claimed but verified and maintained under strict monitoring standards, pursuant Art. 41 of the GDPR.

What about the discontinued CSA CoC for GDPR Compliance?

The CSA CoC for GDPR Compliance has been discontinued and submissions are no longer accepted. CSPs aligned to this standard will continue to be listed on the STAR Registry until the expiration of their code’s validity period.

The shift from CSA CoC to the EU Cloud CoC signifies a strategic alignment with broader, more universally recognized data protection standards. We encourage the transition to the EU Cloud CoC, ensuring continuity in compliance and data protection rigor.

Looking Ahead

This collaboration between CSA and the EU Cloud CoC is a testament to the evolving landscape of data protection and compliance in the cloud sector. By providing a clear, recognized path to GDPR compliance, CSA and the EU Cloud CoC are fostering trust through robust data protection standards and ensuring that the cloud remains a secure, compliant environment for all.

To delve deeper into this collaboration and its implications for your organization, visit CSA and EU Cloud CoC collaboration page for details or contact [email protected].

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