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Industry Insights
Attackers Abusing Legitimate Cloud Monitoring Tools to Conduct Cyber Attacks

Published: 09/28/2020

By Nicole Fishbein, Malware Analyst and Reverse Engineer at IntezerTeamTNT is a cybercrime group that targets cloud environments including Docker and Kubernetes instances. The group has been previously documented using several tools including crypto-miners and Amazon Web Services (AWS) credential...

The Service Mesh Wars: Why Istio might not be favorite after all

Published: 09/03/2020

By Gadi Naor, CTO and Co-Founder, AlcideThese days, more organizations are shifting to cloud-native applications, which are designed to run in the cloud and take advantage of the cloud’s dynamic, scalable and readily-available nature. Typically, cloud-native application architectures are made up ...

3 Technical Benefits of Service Mesh, and Security Best Practices

Published: 11/04/2019

By Ran Ilany, co-founder and CEO for PortshiftOrganizations that implement containers often ask about using a service mesh layer. While this isn’t obligatory by any means, there are many benefits to running a service mesh that makes it the sensible choice for organizations seeking security, effic...

Challenges & Best Practices in Securing Application Containers and Microservices

Published: 08/08/2019

By Anil Karmel, Co-Chair, CSA Application Containers and Microservices (ACM) Working GroupApplication Containers have a long and storied history, dating back to the early 1960s with virtualization on mainframes up to the 2000s with the release of Solaris and Linux Containers (LXC). The rise of Do...

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