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Industry Insights
Got Vulnerability? Cloud Security Alliance Wants to Identify It
Published: 07/15/2021
Author: Jim Reavis

I wanted to take some time to tell you about a new CSA working group in formation that I am taking a personal interest in. I am sure you have all heard the expression, “when you have a hammer, all problems look like nails.” This is very relatable to our industry as we have to be careful that we d...

Cloud Network Virtualization: Benefits of SDN over VLAN
Published: 06/25/2021

Written by the members of the Security Guidance Working GroupAll clouds utilize some form of virtual networking to abstract the physical network and create a network resource pool. Typically the cloud user provisions desired networking resources from this pool, which can then be configured within...

Critical Controls for Oracle E-Business Suite
Published: 06/11/2021

Written by Mike Miller, OnapsisOver the past months, cyber threat activity has increased to unprecedented levels, with threat actors expanding their capabilities to target critical infrastructure and mission-critical applications. From hacktivists to cyber-criminals and state-sponsored, these act...

Why Is Cybersecurity Critical in Protecting Infrastructure?
Published: 06/09/2021

Written by Angela Stone, Content Creator, Eleven Fifty AcademyCybersystems, assets, and physical infrastructure are vital to the economy of a country. Destroying or incapacitating infrastructure and cyber systems can have a devastating impact on the economy. Industries such as the oil and gas ind...

Taking a Practical Timely Opportunity to Evaluate the Security of Your Cloud Video Surveillance Solution
Published: 03/10/2021

Written by Stan Mierzwa, M.S., CISSP, Director and Lecturer, Kean University Center for Cybersecurity and Eliot Perez, IT Security Analyst, CSA NJ Chapter These days, it is not unusual to walk too far before you see the endpoint of a video surveillance system. Consider the cameras you have s...

Behind the Scenes of the IoT Working Group with Mark Yanalitis
Published: 01/15/2020

By CSA Staff and Mark Yanalitis Here at CSA, our working groups are the core of what we do. From researching best practices, to tackling challenges on the horizon, they bring together security professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to collaborate on research that will benefit the ...

Recommendations for IoT Firmware Update Processes: Addressing complexities in a vast ecosystem of connected devices
Published: 09/20/2018

By Sabri Khemissa, IT-OT-Cloud Cybersecurity Strategist,ThalesTraditionally, updating software for IT assets involves three stages: analysis, staging, and distribution of the update—a process that usually occurs during off-hours for the business. Typically, these updates apply cryptographic contr...

Securing the Internet of Things: Devices & Networks
Published: 03/12/2018

By Ranjeet Khanna, Director of Product Management–IoT/Embedded Security, Entrust DatacardThe Internet of Things (IoT) is changing manufacturing for the better.With data from billions of connected devices and trillions of sensors, supply chain and device manufacturing operators are taking advantag...

Securing the Internet of Things: Connected Cars
Published: 03/05/2018

By Ranjeet Khanna, Director of Product Management–IoT/Embedded Security, Entrust DatacardEstablishing safety and security in automotive design goes far beyond crash test dummies.By 2022, the global automotive Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to skyrocket to $82.79 billion – and manufac...

How the “Internet of Things” Will Feed Cloud Computing’s Next Evolution
Published: 06/05/2013

David Canellos, PerspecSys president and CEOWhile the Internet of things is not a new concept (Kevin Ashton first coined the term in 1999 to describe how the Internet is connected to the physical world), it is just now becoming a reality due to some major shifts in technology.According to ABI Res...

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