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The following vendor papers are available for download:

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Bitglass – 2014 Healthcare Breach Report
Is Your Data Security Due For a Physical?
Download (pdf)
Bitglass – The Definitive Guide to Cloud Access Security Brokers
Cloud Access Security Brokers are a
category of security tools that help enterprises safely enable cloud apps and mobile devices.
Download (pdf)
Bitglass – Securing Microsoft Office 365
The steps needed to secure Office 365 include combining a comprehensive in-house security plan, together with Office 365’s built-in security functionality.
Download (pdf)
CloudPassage GhostPorts
How to use CloudPassage’s GhostPorts authentication system.
Download (pdf)
CloudPassage Halo – Performing an initial installation
Walk though of how to get CloudPassage’s Halo product up and running.
Download (pdf)
Protecting the Cloud | Fortinet
Fortinet Technologies and Services that Address Your Cloud Security Challenges
Download (pdf)
Scanning Your Cloud Environment | by Steve Markey
A look into CORE’s CloudInspect and McAfee’s Database Security Scanner (DSS) cost and reliability.
Download (pdf)
Why You Need a Cloud Rating Score | by Taiye Lambo
A discussion as to the need for independent rating scores of public cloud providers.
Download (pdf)
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