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Are enterprises really ready to move into the cloud? | By Sichao Wang
An analysis of the pros and cons of moving corporate data into the cloud.
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Auditing Distributed Databases | by Steve Markey
How to assess risk posture and secure distributed databases.
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Critical Success Factors for FedRAMP Assessments | by David Svec
Cloud Security Providers (CSPs) for the government have a strategic and important decision to make before entering the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorization process.
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Data-Centric Protection | by Diana Kelley
How Data-Centric Protection Increases Security in Cloud Computing and Virtualization
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European Data Protection 2.0: New Compliance Requirements in Sight | by Francoise Gilbert
An analysis of of the proposed European Union data protection rules.
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Firewall Policy Management in the Cloud | By Chris Brenton
The clouds impact on how we structure and manage firewall policies.
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Hypervisor Versus Host Based Security | By Chris Brenton
A comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of deploying cloud security with either a hypervisor or agent based model.
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Virtual Firewall Appliances – Trust Misplaced? | By Chris Brenton
A risk analysis of physical firewall appliances versus their virtualized counterparts.
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Virtualization Security | By Chris Brenton
Introductory document which covers the differences between virtualization and cloud, as well as some of the security concerns with virtualized deployments.
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