Infosecurity Europe 2013

CSA Security Workshop “Optimising cloud security, trust and transparency” at Infosecurity Europe 2013

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This session will talk about the impact of security certifications for cloud computing. We’ll discuss if certifications are the solutions to current problems such as: optimizing security, increasing trust and transparency, facilitating market adoption.

Govs and business users do not have simple, cost effective ways to evaluate and compare their providers’ resilience, data protection capabilities and service portability. Is a certification a way to overcome the barrier?

Certifications and accreditations for cloud services are also in the agendas of policy makers, both at National and European level. The European Commission and ENISA during 2013-14 will work to the “development of EU-wide voluntary certification schemes in the area of cloud computing”. Which should be the key requirements of such a voluntary certification schema?

The Cloud Security Alliance is working in collaboration with BSI, AICPA and other organizations to the definition of the Open Certification Framework (OCF), an industry initiative that will allow global, trusted certification of cloud providers. How OCF works? Does it solve the problems?

As a part of this session CSA will also introduce the audience to the European Commission funded project Cumulus, A4Cloud and Cirrus which are relevant in the areas of standards, certification and accountability.

  • Understand security standards and security certification for cloud computing services/providers and how they can increase transparency and assurance in the cloud market
  • Understand the European policy context (European Cloud Strategy, proposed Data Protection Regulation, etc) and the actions that are and will be taken by the European Commission.
  • Understand the impact that certification on cloud customer and cloud provider
  • Understand the impact of a certification on the company organisation.
  • Understand how the Open Certification Framework (OCF) works, it’s structure, the role played by the Cloud Control Matrix

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