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Problems We Can Help Solve

Understaffing and a lack of cloud security expertise among personnel

Fill the skills gap and upskill current employees with training from the world’s thought leader in cloud security. Offering cloud security training can be both a recruiting incentive to attract new talent and a tool to efficiently onboard new staff and get them up to speed.

We can customize our training programs for your team regardless of their size or current familiarity with cloud and emerging technologies.

Creating controls frameworks when technologies and laws are constantly changing

Avoid reinventing the wheel by leveraging the best practices and tools created by CSA and its community of experts. CSA brings together industry experts to discuss challenges shared across organizations and collaborate on solutions. This way you can spend your time on solving new problems versus trying to come up with a solution to a problem someone in our community has already addressed.

Effectively managing risk with limited resources

Companies spend $2.1 million annually, on average, vetting vendor's security assessments according to a Ponemon study. It is far more challenging to assess new vendors if you have no information about them. The STAR registry stores questionnaires for 1700+ vendors that you can use as a starting point. The STAR registry provides a starting point to speed up this process and saves time for both consumers and vendors.

Developing a cloud security strategy that supports a digital transformation

Access vendor-neutral advice from subject matter experts within CSA on everything from best practices for developing a cloud strategy, to tactical issues such as evaluating and monitoring cloud service providers. Cybersecurity professionals from around the world participate in our specialized research working groups, covering a wide range of topics. Regardless of the stage of your cloud journey we can help your organization.

Difficulty assessing the vendors used by your organization to ensure they follow your security requirements

How do you ensure the vendors you work with meet your security requirements? Whether you're migrating to the cloud or have already moved, a pain point will always be vendor procurement. CSA holds a unique industry position in brokering trust between cloud providers and cloud consumers.

Communicating business risks to other C-Level executives and the board

Our mission is to enable CISOs with tools to communicate business risk, governance, and compliance issues of cloud computing and cybersecurity in the proper context to their peers within the C-Suite. To help solve this challenge CSA has created the CxO Trust initiative. To gain full access to this group organizations will need to be a CSA Corporate Member.

CSA Solves Tomorrow's Problems Today

CSA has over 300+ research frameworks, publications and tools available without cost on our website. The important work done by our community is only possible through the support of corporations around the world joining CSA's mission to make the world a more secure place. Becoming a member of CSA is more than just a passive box to check, it means participating in the largest cloud security community in the world to help shape the future of cybersecurity for organizations and individuals everywhere.


Mario Maawad Marcos

For CaixaBank, the transition to the cloud is one of the major challenges we are facing in terms of risk assessment and cybersecurity assurance. We have been members of CSA ever since we started this journey over seven years ago, which has provided us with very valuable resources and experience. We also are very happy to be part of a skilled network of peers and cloud service providers through CSA’s working groups, where we can share real experiences and best practices.

- Mario Maawad Marcos, Director of Security Innovation & Transformation
Stephen Scharf

DTCC is proud to be a member of the Cloud Security Alliance, working across industries and geographies in advancing the adoption of secure cloud technology. Cloud offers continued great potential for financial services but it must be adopted in a way that supports the industry’s robust risk management requirements. We are pleased to be working with the CSA and its members to develop security best practices and standards to promote a robust, secure environment for cloud implementations.

- Stephen Scharf, Managing Director and CISO, BlackRock

Join our Trusted Community of CISOs

Our mission is to help Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) better understand the priorities of their peers within the C-Suite and to also enable CISOs with tools to communicate business risk, governance, and compliance issues of cloud computing and cybersecurity in the proper context to their peers within the C-Suite and their boards of directors.

CSA has formed a trusted community of CISOs and other C-level stakeholders for our members who leverage the collective voice of this group to further influence and drive the evolution and common understanding of cloud and cloud-driven technologies knowledge. To gain full access to this group organizations will need to be a CSA Corporate Member. If you're interested in learning more and want to be considered for this exclusive community please email [email protected].

Customize Your Membership

Depending on your needs your membership with CSA will look different as we work with each organization to customize the benefits to suit you. Members get what they put into their CSA membership. Your membership with CSA requires an investment on the part of your team in order to reap the full benefits. Contact us and we can talk through what membership would look like for your team.