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Membership for Solution Providers

Educate potential users about your company while showcasing your good practices to a global marketplace
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Solution Providers

Problems We Can Help Solve

Trouble showcasing your brand to a global marketplace

CSA brings together cybersecurity professionals worldwide to collaborate on research in our working groups or chapters. These professionals come to CSA to learn about cybersecurity best practices and help shape the future of the industry. CSA's member can leverage the CSA brand and network to gain visibility for your company and get in front of an audience that is notoriously hard to reach.

Understanding the challenges your customers face in the cloud

Give your team a competitive edge and improve conversations with your target audience by educating your team. CSA training can be used to educate both technical teams as well as non-technical departments, such as sales teams and customer facing consultants.

Regardless of your team's geographic location we can customize our training programs to be hosted online, virtually or in-person globally.

Networking and brand awareness

The cloud market is huge and growing daily. You know that your company has a lot to offer, not only in providing products and services, but also in guiding the direction of the industry. Becoming a CSA Corporate Member demonstrates thought leadership by showing the industry that you are part of an elite group driving cloud security.

Companies that become members have exclusive access to networking and branding opportunities to connect with stakeholders in the cybersecurity industry.

Difficulty building trust with potential customers

Many of CSA’s enterprise members report that ensuring solution providers can be trusted is their number one pain point in vendor procurement.

CSA holds a unique industry position in brokering trust between solution providers and their customers. You can contact us if you are interested in talking to someone about the ways CSA can help solve this challenge.

Reducing your sales cycle

We can help eliminate the need for multiple questionnaires when responding to RFPs. CSA has developed a questionnaire based on industry standards.

These questionnaires are posted on the STAR registry. This allows members to send potential customers to view their registry entry that has been publicly vetted by our community of industry experts.

Increase Brand Awareness

Sponsorship Opportunities

CSA has partnerships with governments, corporations and industry associations around the entire world. We connect cybersecurity professionals through our chapters, research working groups and global and regional events and provide a forum for subject matters to meet and collaborate on solving cybersecurity problems faced by the industry.

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Enhanced Credibility by Showcasing the CSA Trustmark

Separate yourself from your competitors by becoming a CSA Trusted Cloud Provider. This designation is exclusive for CSA members who demonstrate a commitment to holistic security and serves as a reference point for customers looking to identify cloud providers that are aligned with their security requirements.

Earning the trustmark is a competitive advantage that helps showcase your organization's best practices. It also helps extends the credibility of organizations listed on the STAR registry by showing their extended commitment to holistic security through training/education and community contributions.

Commissioned Research

Corporate members can commission CSA to conduct research or assist with market research for a particular topic or audience within the cybersecurity industry. We work with businesses, governments, academia, providers and subject matter experts from around the world to help us provide an up to date perspective of key cybersecurity issues.


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Apply to Join our Community of CISOs

CSA has formed a trusted community of CISOs and other C-level stakeholders for our members who leverage the collective voice of this group to further influence and drive the evolution and common understanding of cloud and cloud-driven technologies knowledge. To gain full access to this group, organizations will need to be a CSA Corporate Member. If you're interested in learning more and want to be considered for this exclusive community please email [email protected].

Customize Your Membership

Depending on your needs your membership with CSA will look different as we work with each organization to customize the benefits to suit you. Members get what they put into their CSA membership. Your partnership with CSA requires an investment on the part of your team in order to reap the full benefits. Contact us and we can talk through what membership would look like for your team. CSA also offers a special membership plan for startups at a greatly reduced cost, reach out if you are interested in which type of membership would be the best fit.

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