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Vishwas Manral Headshot

Vishwas Manral

Chief Technologist at McAfee Enterprise, Head of Cloud Native Security

Vishwas is the co-chair of CSA’s Serverless working group and a contributor to theApplication Containers and Microservices working group. He has served as a presenter at the CSA Virtual EU Summit 2020, and as chair of the Silicon Valley chapter. He is the head of Cloud Native security and Chief Technologist at McAfee Enterprise + FireEye. Vishwas joined McAfee Enterprise when his company NanoSec was acquired in 2019. Vishwas is an advisor to multiple companies including Spirent, Graphiant, as well as Bootup Ventures and H.A.C.K., Karnataka’s first cyber security accelerator for startups in India. He is also the founder of Ionos Networks and LiveReach Media. Vishwas has a deep technology background and has led multiple efforts on creating technologies, having authored over 30 requests for comments (RFC) and standards in the networking and security space, including such technologies as IPsec and DVPN (which are in nearly every router and used by every enterprise).