CloudWatch 2 Project

Introduction to the CloudWatch 2 Project

CloudWatch 2 provides a set of services to help European R&I initiatives capture the value proposition and business case as key to boosting the European economy.


One of the objectives of the Digital Single Market Strategy is creating long-term growth potential. Europe needs a digital market that allows new business models to flourish, start-ups to grow and industry to innovate and compete on a global scale.

The European Commission’s programme for Software, Services and Cloud gives companies and research institutions the freedom to innovate technically in cloud computing. This is how European research and innovation initiatives bring continuous improvements and deliver services and solutions with increasing value for the digital single market.

Funding Scheme

CloudWatch is an EU H2020 project.


The CloudWatch 2 project will run from October 2015 – September 2017.

Consortium Composition

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CloudWatch 2 Project Deliverables

CloudWATCH2 "Risk Based Decision Making Mechanisms For Cloud Service In The Public Sector"

About the download:

Despite the undisputed advantages of cloud computing, customers (in particular Public Administrations or PAs, and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises or SMEs) are still in need of “meaningful” understanding of the security and risk management changes the cloud entails, in order to assess if this new computing paradigm is “good enough” for their security requirements. Traditional ICT risk management approaches usually adopt one-size-fits-all methodologies relying on (security) experts, which are usually not adequate for small organisations and Public Administrations (PA) that use relatively simple IT-components. One of the main drivers of CloudWatch2 is to develop a simplified cloud risk assessment/management approach, called “risk profile” in this document, with the requisite that SMEs/PAs need simple, flexible, efficient and cost-effectivecloud security solutions.

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CloudWATCH2 services include:

  • A cloud market structure roadmap with transparent pricing to enable R&I projects to chart exploitation paths in ways they had not previously considered, or help them avoid approaches that would not have been successful.
  • Mapping the EU cloud ecosystem of products, services and solutions emerging from EU R&I projects. Identifying software champions and best practices in mitigating risks associated with open source projects, and ultimately, enable faster time-to-value and commercialization.
  • Concertation for clustering and convergence on common themes and challenges. Re-use of technologies will also be of paramount importance.
  • Promoting trusted & secure services through roadshows and deep dive training sessions. Giving R&I initiatives a route to users at major conferences or in local ICT clusters.
  • A portfolio of standards for interoperability and security that can facilitate the realisation of an ecosystem of interoperable services for Europe.
  • Cloud interoperability testing in an international developer-oriented and hands-on environment. Findings will be transferred into guidance documents and standards.
  • Risk management and legal guides to the cloud for private and public organisations to lower barriers and ensure a trusted European cloud market.

Cloud Security Alliance Role in CloudWatch 2 Project

  • Develop a compliance service testbed based on realistic requirements gathered from CSA’s membership.
  • Provide input to compliance requirements and controls via our Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) and through input from CSA’s membership.
  • Provide input to certification specification and recommendation via CSA’s Open Certification Framework (OCF) and participation in the FP7 project CUMULUS.
  • Contribute to dissemination via CSA’s global series of conferences and membership.
  • Contribute to exploitation via CSA’s membership.