SLAReady Project

Introduction to the SLAReady Project

SLA-Ready aims to provide common understanding of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Cloud services with greater standardisation and transparency so firms can make an informed decision on what services to use, what to expect and what to trust. SLA-Ready services will support SMEs with practical guides, and a social marketplace, encouraging them to carefully plan their journey and make it strategic through an informed, stepping-stone approach, so the Cloud and applications grow with their business.


  • Raise awareness and education on SLA
  • Enable cloud customers to make better informed decisions

Funding Scheme

SLA-Ready is an EU H2020 project.


The SLA-Ready project will run from Jan 2015 – Dec 2016.

Consortium Composition

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SLAReady Project Deliverables

SLA-Ready will develop a Social Marketplace with a set of services that support cloud customers on the complete lifecycle management of SLAs, from SLA assessment, negotiation, contracting and operation to amendment, escalation and termination.

The SLA-Ready social marketplace will be dynamic with high-quality, highly relevant content, including multimedia, to educate and advise cloud customers on the SLA lifecycle. It will collect and integrate specific needs of the major target audience constituencies and ensure enhanced user experience. The innovative social marketplace will serve as a social forum for the SLA lifecycle management, thus providing a dedicated eTool.

For more information about the SLA-Ready Social Marketplace, click here.

Cloud Security Alliance Role in SLAReady Project

CSA leads work on contributions to relevant SDOs as well as interaction in EU and international activities in the field of SLAs.

SLAReady Project News

The labour market needs Cloud Security skills

In the labour market there is a lack of cloud security specialists. Certain skills are required across all uses of public cloud. But softer skills, such as audit and compliance, are also needed on both the demand and supply sides as a universal skill. Security professionals require skills for continuously monitoring...

Cloud Services Risks

Cloud computing brings benefits and risks. Knowing which risks you assume depending on the service is crucial to realising the benefits. To help the cloud industry and regulators in risk management, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) has identified 35 specific risk categories to pay particular...

Criteria to evaluate cloud service security

Cloud computing is fast becoming a business imperative but also a challenging move for many businesses as it requires them to rethink processes and define strategies for business growth and remain competitive in the marketplace. Special attention should also be paid to security to ensure business assets are not at risk,...

Innovation, Trust & Business

No business can exist without trust, especially the ones who deals with online transactions and intangible products like software, cloud services and digital products in general. 2016 Edelmen survey “Trust Barometer” found that countries with higher levels of trust were more supportive of business innovation. Trust is therefore vital in...

A solution to cloud lock-in

In a news published on CloudTech, the author Mat Keep compares the situation of a cloud service costumers stuck with an unsatisfactory cloud vendor, with a difficult and suffocating marriage. In this case, for a business or an organisations who rely on cloud computing, the only solution seems to change...

Public Cloud & Customer Service

For an organisation that bases its business model on public cloud, it is essential to be able to effectively communicate with the cloud service provider (CSP). If a potential CSP can't provide the necessary information or support before the contract is signed, it probably won't be able to offer decent...

Enterprises understanding of Cloud SLAs

An enterprise who wants to purchase Cloud services from a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), has to be able to negotiate, compose and review the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is going to accept by signing the cloud contract. Chief information security officers (CISOs) and anyone who leads IT security for...

How organisations maximize cloud adoption value?

Cisco released the results of a survey on over 6,100 organizations that are successfully implementing private, public and hybrid clouds in their IT departments. The study, conducted with IT executives, indicates that cloud adoption is still growing but few organizations are fully exploiting major cloud opportunities. 69% of the organizations...

IoT & Cloud Computing

The Internet of things (IoT) is generating a huge amount of data. Companies are working to find ways to manage this continuous growth: Cloud and fog computing are helping to tackle this challenge. IoT and Cloud computing work togheter in order to provide tools to manage data and services. One mistake...

Position Papers

Body: SLA-Ready is collecting Position Papers from cloud services customers, cloud service providers and standards development organizations for SLA-Ready Impact Workshop in Brussels, Belgium (15 December 2016). Position Papers are an opportunity to have a relevant contribution on an easy implementation of SLA in Europe and allow you to promote your...