Introduction to the STRATUS Project

STRATUS project, a six-year, NZ $12.2 million cyber security project funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment. Led by the University of Waikato, CSA is part of the consortium that was awarded the funding and the work which began in November 2014. STRATUS, which is an acronym for Security Technologies Returning Accountability, Transparency and User-centric Services in the Cloud, is an ambitious project that intends to create a suite of novel security tools, techniques and capabilities that will return control of data to cloud computing users. More importantly, it aims to put New Zealand ICT industry onto the world map capitalizing on the global trend in cloud computing, cybersecurity and data analytics.


STRATUS Objectives


The STRATUS will run from 2015 – 2021.

Consortium Composition


STRATUS Project Deliverables

Security Technologies Returning Accountability, Trust and User-centric Services in the Cloud (STRATUS) will create a suite of novel security tools, techniques and capabilities which return control of data to Cloud computing users. The aim is to empower users to be able to control their security of their data in the Cloud and to give companies tools and services to sell.

Cloud Security Alliance Role in STRATUS Project

Within STRATUS, CSA leads the data governance and accountability project, which covers the cloud data governance and links technical implementations with auditing guidelines and compliance regulations. CSA also leads the effort for internationalization of the New Zealand ICT industry through STRATUS and has also created a platform for the commercial exploitation of research artifacts deriving from STRATUS work.