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Sponsorship Opportunities

The cloud market is huge and growing daily. You know that your company has a lot to offer, not only in providing products and services, but also in guiding the direction of the industry. Educate potential users and other stakeholders about your company while showcasing your own expertise and good practices to a global marketplace.

CSA informs our audience about trending topics, new technologies, and latest research that can help increase awareness in the cloud through our research papers, events and webinars. CSA is able to provide this content to our audience through the support of community partners such as yourself.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships enable CSA to host activities that provide an opportunity for attendees to earn Continuing Educational Credits.

We contribute to the growth of the industry and advance careers by providing over 100+ clock hours for individuals to earn Continuing Educational Credits. This means we are always attracting new professionals to CSA because they trust our brand and the information we provide. They know they'll receive vendor-neutral information that is relevant and timely to them.

CSA Corporate Members receive exclusive access to sponsor certain research artifacts as well as discounts on webinar sponsorships.

Who is part of CSA?

CSA has partnerships with governments, corporations and industry associations around the entire world. We connect cybersecurity professionals through our chapters, working groups and events. Below are a few stats about the people who participate in CSA's community.


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We bring together key cybersecurity stakeholders

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CSA Corporate Members receive discounts on webinar sponsorships.

The CSA CloudBytes Webinar Program is an award-winning series designed to bring new ideas, research, and technologies to our audience of over 45,000+ subscribers in < 60-minute webinars. This is an opportunity for subject matter experts to demonstrate their thought leadership on today’s most critical topics in cloud security and related technologies. CSA prides itself in producing a product pitch-free zone where the audience can focus on education and timely information. The audience is made up of high caliber cloud computing and information security professionals. As a bonus, it also provides viewers the opportunity to earn Continuing Educational Credits.

Sponsorship of CloudBytes webinars provides personal attention for each of our program partners. You will have the opportunity to build a relationship with CSA as you work 1:1 with a webinar coordinator for the entire process. We ensure the entire experience is seamless and you have a successful webinar.

How does CSA's channel perform compared to other webinar channels?

CSA's channel receives 5.7x the monthly subscriber growth compared to other webinar channels.
Who watches our webinars?
CSA Channels
Other Webinar Channels
New Monthly
Attendee Channel
Return Rate
Webinar Completion

*According to the BrightTalk Webinars 2021 Benchmarks Report:


CSA Corporate Members receive exclusive access to
sponsor certain events as well as discounts

Supporting CSA events are a great opportunity to demonstrate your organization’s thought leadership in providing relevant security solutions for the next generation of IT- cloud computing. We attract key decision makers influencing the adoption of cloud. Connect and network with cloud professionals in search of actionable information and innovative solutions as they look to gain insight into security assurance within cloud computing.


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CSA Corporate Members have exclusive access to sponsor research.

Use your brand to drive awareness, support compelling content and increase the visibility of resources that provide global security professionals the tools they need to solve tomorrow’s problems today. Sponsors endorse the development of the research but do not have added influence on content development or the editorial process. Sponsorship of research initiatives is exclusively available to CSA corporate members. If your organization is a corporate member and you want to help shape the CSA research portfolio you can also choose to lead a working group.


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