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Introducing CAIQ-Lite

We are excited to announce the creation and launch of the Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) Lite. CAIQ-Lite can be accessed by CSA members for free on CSA as well as from our industry partner Whistic.

Based upon months of analyzing feedback, conducting research & testing, and applying proper weighting and selection; CSA & Whistic are collaboratively releasing CAIQ-Lite.

In order to accommodate the shift to cloud procurement models, CSA and Whistic identified the need for a streamlined assessment questionnaire to better arm cybersecurity professionals to efficiently engage their cloud vendors. CAIQ-Lite was developed to match the rapid pace inherent within the cybersecurity environment, placing increased importance on vendor security questionnaire adoption.

Download Now

You may also access CAIQ-Lite online within the Whistic Platform, ideal for digital access &self-assessment.

Below is a brief CAIQ-Lite overview:

  • 73 Questions
  • 16 Control Domains remain (CCM 3.0.1)
  • Leveraged panel of hundreds of IT security professionals
  • CSA Member testing & feedback
  • Whistic Customer testing & feedback
  • Utilization of proprietary scoring algorithm
  • Free CSA Member Access

Additionally, If you already have a CAIQ on STAR, a CAIQ-Lite will automatically be created on the Whistic Platform.