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Listings for Councilbox

Listings for Councilbox

COUNCILBOX TECHNOLOGY SL, founded in 2015, is a company whose main activity is focused on the development and commercialization of SaaS. Our company has developed a legal tech software solution based on its property blockchain technology providing certification and legal validity of workflows that require legal compliance. Through its unique technology, Councilbox is able to create workflow evidence to ensure legal validity throughout the process. Councilbox's cutting-edge technology based on blockchain offers complete solutions to enable the remote holding of meeting processes that require legal validity, such as corporate meetings, plenary sessions, boards of directors, management committees, voting and elections, etc. It also offers a product for remote assistance to citizens (especially procedures and formalities) suitable for public administrations and for customer support in private companies. Considering the above, we emphasise that Councilbox is the leading Spanish LegalTech company in offering legal validity to telematic meetings of corporate governance bodies and to remote citizen service, which until now required physical presence.

OVAC (Virtual Office for Citizen Services), Meetings and Assemblies Online

Councilbox has developed a platform of services or products that uses proprietary technology to carry out telematic procedures that require the interaction o...

Listed Since: 2022-10-12


Offers an industry-accepted way to document what security controls exist in IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. It provides a set of Yes/No questions a cloud consumer and cloud auditor may wish to ask of a cloud provider to ascertain their compliance to the Cloud Controls Matrix .