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Listings for Now4real Srl

Listings for Now4real Srl

Now4real is a startup that blends web analytics and live chats. Now4real turns any web page into a live environment in a matter of seconds, by showing how many people have the same page visible in the foreground at the same time. Then, it enables visitors to chat with each other in real time. The goal is to enable the birth of instant communities: the people who happen to be visiting the same web page at the same moment and who, most likely, share an interest in the contents of that page. Web pages become virtual places where people can meet, just like in real places (on the train, at the bar, in front of a shop window, at the museum, etc.). It's quick way to anticipate the metaverse on a very normal website. Thanks to Now4real, any website can easily build its own instant communities without having to divert traffic to traditional social media. Visitors are a primary asset of any site and the advantage of keeping them within the site as much as possible is evident. The increase in the duration of visits also allows publishers to rotate more advertising banners and increase the click-through rate and viewability. Recurring visits increase. Normally, after reading a page, a post, or an article, the chances of the same user returning to the same content over and over again are very low. With Now4real, however, readers will find a new instant community every time.


Many social aspects have been added t the web over time (counters of page visits, social sharing buttons, commenting systems, etc.), but none of them conside...

Listed Since: 2021-11-30


Offers an industry-accepted way to document what security controls exist in IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. It provides a set of Yes/No questions a cloud consumer and cloud auditor may wish to ask of a cloud provider to ascertain their compliance to the Cloud Controls Matrix .