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The Phenom Talent Experience Management platform—a single platform that eliminates the need for multiple HR tools—connects the four key stakeholder experiences in the talent lifecycle and reduces time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, while improving talent quality and productivity:

Candidate Experience: Talent leaders make the candidate journey meaningful and personalized with the integration of their career site, chatbot, CMS, and university recruiting app. Instant delivery of job recommendations converts more qualified applicants and allows recruiters to spend more time with top talent.

Recruiter Experience: Recruiters identify top talent faster with AI-powered fit and engagement scoring in their CRM. Email and SMS campaigns further engage passive candidates and build quality pipelines.

Employee Experience: Talent management empowers employees to identify new career paths, learning opportunities, and skill gaps with personalized job openings and internal mobility. Automating the referral process allows them to tap into their professional networks and help fill roles faster.

Management Experience: Leadership and hiring managers identify gaps in the hiring process and optimize strategies by evaluating talent analytics, reporting, and forecasting. These analyses also allow talent leaders to develop succession plans that prepare the organization for future growth.

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About Phenom People Inc.

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Phenom is a global HR technology company that delivers its AI-powered Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform to enterprises, enabling organizations to help candidates and employees initiate the next phase of their career, recruiters identify and engage the right talent, and management optimizes HR strategy, process, and spend.

Phenom’s purpose has always been to help a billion people find the right job. Built on our native AI infrastructure, the Phenom TXM platform is a unified solution that personalizes and automates every talent experience. As a result, recruiters can be more productive, managers can be more informed, and talent can be placed in the best position for success.

As talent expectations and demands heighten, technology must evolve and deliver. In addition to releasing industry-first features that help candidates find the right fit, we support the employee experience with powerful automation technology and actionable data. It’s never been more important for employees to upskill and reskill. Our platform helps them wield their versatility in a way that advances their careers and their company’s goals.