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Streamlining Vendor IT Security and Risk Assessments
Streamlining Vendor IT Security and Risk Assessments

Streamlining Vendor IT Security and Risk Assessments

Release Date: 12/09/2018

Cloud computing has rapidly gained traction as a significant and even default IT system for many different organizations. In such a dynamic environment, cybersecurity is paramount—especially when third parties that provide cloud-based services to companies are involved. However, developing a comprehensive IT risk management program that involves third-party service providers often eludes many organizations, consuming a lot of time and cost while resulting in a limited understanding of a vendor’s risk profile.

In this paper, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) advocate for a new approach to how organizations manage risks, achieve assurance, and enable trust in the cloud. We encourage all stakeholders to increase their level of collaboration while utilizing existing standards and open tools. Through this document, we make it clear that the future of cybersecurity, the future of cloud security, and the resilience of our economy, is largely in the hands of the consumers of cloud services.

Key Takeaways:
  • How new technologies are significantly changing the cloud
  • The ways in which the cloud is shifting information security best practices
  • The state of IT regulatory environments related to cloud computing
  • The unique challenges that cloud computing poses to vendor management
  • The CSA resources you can use to create consistency, greater accountability, and security within the cloud ecosystem, such as the STAR Program, CCM, and CAIQCloud provider vetting best practices
  • Tips for rolling out cloud provider vetting programs and improving existing programs
  • Advanced program tools and insights that can help you get more out of your cloud provider vetting and assessments, such as our STAR cloud assurance certification
Who It’s For: CISOs, those looking for guidance on information technology regulation, and other parties interested in IT security assessment

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