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The Use of Blockchain in Healthcare
The Use of Blockchain in Healthcare
Who it's for:
Health information management professionals and anyone interested in the applications of blockchain technology.

The Use of Blockchain in Healthcare

Release Date: 07/15/2021

Healthcare is a large and heavily regulated industry. US and EU privacy and security laws require healthcare organizations to protect personal information and can levy fines for data breaches. The value of healthcare data, paired with these regulations and other international laws that govern the storage of data in the cloud, has motivated healthcare organizations to look at using blockchain in order to secure data. By using blockchain, organizations may be able to efficiently share healthcare data while ensuring patient privacy and data security at the same time.

This research paper by the Health Information Management Working Group investigates current blockchain use cases in the medical field and the impact they may have. It begins with a description of blockchain technology and then discusses the benefits of using blockchain in healthcare, such as increasing the security of telehealth systems. After the presentation of several case studies, this document concludes with a discussion on the ways blockchain technology could be used in healthcare in the future.

Key Takeaways:
  • What distributed ledger technologies, blockchain, and smart contracts are
  • How blockchain helps with medical research projects
  • How blockchain increases the traceability of the medical supply chain
  • How blockchain can transform billing processing, medical coding, facility and energy management, and telehealth
  • How blockchain can provide increased control and access for the individual patient
  • What the security issues of blockchain are, and how to address them

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Michael Roza Headshot
Michael Roza
Risk, Audit, Control and Compliance Professional

Michael Roza

Risk, Audit, Control and Compliance Professional

Since 2012 Michael has contributed to over 75 CSA projects completed by CSA's Internet of Things, Blockchain/Distributed Ledger, Top Threats, Cloud Control Matrix, Software-Defined Perimeter, Applications, Containers, and Microservices, and other working groups. In, 2020 he also served as co-chair to CSA's Enterprise Architecture and Security-as-a-Service working groups while also serving as the Standards Liaison Officer for IoT, ICS, EA, S...

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