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Health Information Management

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Health Information Management


The Health Information Management Working Group aims to provide direct influence on how health information service providers deliver secure cloud solutions (services, transport, applications and storage) to their clients, and foster cloud awareness within all aspects of healthcare and related industries.


Telehealth data in the cloud
Telehealth data in the cloud

In the wake of COVID-19 Health Delivery Organizations (HDOs) are rapidly increasing their utilization of telehealth capabilities like Remote ...

Managing the Risk for Medical Devices Connected to the Cloud
Managing the Risk for Medical Devices Connected to the Cloud

With the increased number of Internet of Things devices, Healthcare Delivery Organizations are experiencing a digital transformation bigger t...

The Future of Healthcare
The Future of Healthcare

Globally the Healthcare Industry is a significant component of any country’s infrastructure. In sheer market size, the health care market in ...

Open Peer Reviews

Artifact reviews allow security professionals from around the world to collaborate on CSA research. Provide your feedback on the following documents in progress.


Vincent Campitelli Headshot

After retiring from McKesson Corporation in 2016, Vince joined the Office of the President within the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Serving as an Enterprise Security Specialist, Vince supports the...

Vincent Campitelli
Jim Angle Headshot

Dr. Angle has over 20 years of experience in multiple areas of IT culminating as the Deputy CIO for an army hospital. He has over 18 years of information security experience in both government serv...

Jim Angle
Nathan McBride Headshot

Starting his career as a Director of Technology for a prestigious boarding school in Western Massachusetts, Nathan went on to lead an IT Team at Transkaryotic Therapies, start a Research and Develo...

Nathan McBride